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Back to School Time Has Arrived

It's that time of year, again... SCHOOL TIME!  Whether this is your first year sending your child off to school or your last, here are some tips to keep you all on track with prepping for a new school year.

* While it can be hard to go from a summer bedtime routine to school bedtime routine (maybe you've been enjoying staying up later than normal), make sure you start practicing earlier bedtimes before school starts. Also, try to keep the weekday bedtime routine similar to the weekend bedtime routine once school is in session.

* If mornings seem to be a little hectic with getting everyone ready to go, consider what tasks you and your family can take care of the night before (packing lunches and backpacks, picking out clothes, etc).

* Do you have a child who will be staying home alone after school for this first time this year? Make sure you have a list of all emergency numbers posted in an easily accessible place and talk with your child about what to do in case of emergency. Also, be sure to talk with your child about the rules for being home alone (answering the door or phone, making snacks or meals, having friends over, etc).

* Will one of your children take on the respsonsbility of driving his/her siblings to school this year?  What are the rules for in the car (no giving rides to friends, no answering the phone, no younger kids in the front seat)?  Is your teen responsible for making sure the car has gas in it?  Is your teen in charge of picking his/her siblings up after school activites?  While some of these things may sound like common sense, make sure you actually verbalize your expectations to your teen.  Maybe you even draft a contract.

North Star Imagination Library

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                                                  North Star Imagination Library


Free Books!  All children under the age of 5 are eligible to receive a free book every month from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

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